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Nicole teaches piano and voice lessons to students of all ages. She believes in creating a fun yet structured atmosphere where her students will be able to enjoy learning about music while also growing an appreciation for the difficulty and beauty of the art form. Nicole realizes that every student moves at a different pace, thus she tailors each lesson individually so all of her students have the opportunity to blossom. The types of lessons she offers are individual piano lessons and individual or small group voice lessons that can focus on any type of music the student prefers. Nicole has experience teaching opera, classical, musical theatre, pop, country, and rock voice lessons.

"I teach beginning and intermediate piano to students as young as four years old. As long as your child is comfortable identifying letters and number he or she is ready to start learning piano. Most lessons are a half hour long and consist of note reading practice, music theory work and learning new songs at whatever pace is appropriate for each student."

"Voice lessons are a fun and meaningful way to learn about music for students who are 13 and older. Individual or small group lessons are available and lessons can range from 30 to 60 minutes. Each lessons starts with at least a 10 minute warm-up session led by me where we work on building the areas of the voice that need improvement. The rest of the lesson is spent on choosing, learning, and polishing appropriate repertoire."

Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

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